Remote IT Infra
Management & Network Operations

Keeping the IT infrastructure up and running is crucial for any business to flourish. Careful monitoring can greatly help to curb unexpected incidents and impacts. Hence continuous monitoring is important. Our experienced team of professionals in Codea Technologies will assist you in this process. We will monitor the infrastructure and server health around the clock. Deriving from our vast experience, we can predict and identitfy issues and find solutions.

The services
offered by us include:

Dedicated and shared network operation center

Most modern
industrial practices


24×7 Monitoring and
Resource availability

Data Center Management

Our experts take away all your worry about managing your data center. Through our remote data center management service, we monitor, troubleshoot, and actively manage your infrastructure. You can trust us to keep your system up and running with zero downtime. Our services are more cost-effective and efficient than on-premise data solutions.

Without proper management techniques, server operations can go haywire and the security of your data can be compromised. At Codea technologies, we strive to provide the best Data Center Management Services to you. Our professional team is expereinced in handling all kinds of technical and IT issues

Network Operation Center

We have in-depth experience in the design, integration, and monitoring of the Network center. You can rely on us to manage your IT infrastructure and providing smooth daily operations.

Data Center Design

Our professionals give you tailor-made models that efficiently manage energy, floor space, and entire infrastructure.

Service Administration

With our 24×7 monitoring, we make sure to give you seamless operation and zero downtime.

Network Administration

Our expertise in handling WANs, LANs, Intranets, and network segments will be an asset for your firm.

DevOps and Cloud Administration

Our seasoned team optimizes the product development life cycle and guarantees continuous delivery.