Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

At Codea technologies, we provide end-to-end monitoring and quality assurance. Using cutting-edge technology, we conduct different tests during your product development life cycle. Our experts also create an environment of quality, thereby improving the overall competency of your firm.

Our professionals extent their services from product inception to its delivery. We prepare test cases, conduct tests, and hand over the report to you with our suggestions. Thus we ensure quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Functional Testing

Our professionals test the functionality of your product. We map the customer requirement thoroughly and test the software against them. By incorporating black box testing, we make sure your customer expectations are fulfilled.

Usability Testing

Ensuring the ease of product usability is crucial. We design test plans, recruit representative users, and conduct sessions to check the user-friendliness of the software. Our reports will reflect its usability status and our suggestions to improve the same.

Coverage Testing

By conducting coverage testing, we check the percentage of test cases actually covering the application code. We also report how much code is exercised while running the tests, which will help you to identify the shortcomings of the software and remedy them. This will ensure that the user requirement is fulfilled by the product.

Compatibility Testing

To ensure the compatibility of your product with different computing environments, we conduct compatibility tests. We check the product's performance against existing systems and on various platforms. The compatibility reports will help with the further improvement of the product.

Test Automation

The repeated testing is crucial to ensure quality in each step of product development. We automate the process and build a robust testing framework. Regular testing will hence become easy and reports will be available promptly.

Performance & Load Testing

We evaluate the overall performance of the software and verify its load handling capacity. For this purpose, we check the stability, availability, and response time. You can deliver your product with confidence after these tests.

Security Testing

We test the vulnerabilities of the software and identify threats and risks. By pinpointing the weaknesses in the software, we identify the potential loopholes. Our experts provide suggestions to prevent malicious attackers from taking advantage of these shortcomings.