Cloud Migration

Cloud computing technology offers unparalleled potential by being a more rapid, resilient infrastructure. By partially or wholly deploying an organization’s digital assets to the cloud; scalability, analytics and reliability are vastly enhanced depending on cloud computing strategies.

Excellence in architecture built around our experts’ thorough analysis on your explicit business needs ensures you the exact services required to function optimally.

Cloud technology has strengthened the agility of IT applications by taking away the concerns of speed and availability. Both enterprises and start-ups need to leverage cloud technology to transform into a digital platform. Our expert team facilitates cloud adoption consulting and implementation services for companies and entities to utilize cloud platform cost-effectively. Being an AWS Consulting Partner in Phoenix, Codea Technologies abodes certified engineers specialized in AWS platform building including cloud architect, developer, data migration and system operation experts. With great visibility and proactive approach, our cloud team manages your AWS cloud transition jerk-free. We offer a full lifecycle of cloud migration services from the initial assessment to operation and maintenance of entire infrastructure.


Google Cloud
Digital Ocean

Application Management &
Resource Tracking

You can trust our expert team for cloud application management services. Relying on AWS automated monitoring, we help improve the efficiency of management, increase the agility of software development, and enable quick response to your changing business needs. Our professionals use AWS CLI, AWS Config, AWS Inspector, and other cutting-edge applications like Cloudwatch, Cloudaware, and Cloud Custodians to provide the best application management service.

Cloud Security

Our seasoned professionals understand the importance of protecting your infrastructure from malicious cyber attacks. By intrusion detection, safe key management, and continuous monitoring of threats, we mitigate breaches and protect your data and applications. We thus ensure cyber resilience into every level of your IT infrastructure.


We are focused on helping you achieve the pace you desire in delivering applications and services. Using modern tools like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack, we help you build, test and deploy applications at high speeds. We assure you that your processes will become streamlined, development agile, and business pragmatic with the service of our experts.