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Guide to Log4J Vulnerability | How to Fix the arbitrary code execution?

The Virtual Alarm has been hit and we are here for a good reason to sort this issue out at the earliest.
Recently, Log4J vulnerability and also how to fix this issue worldwide is one of the most searched topics by technology lovers and practitioners today. Cyber attackers have found loopholes like the Arbitrary Code Execution, causing immense havoc for many IT companies. Still, the complete extent of their damage has not been seen, yet it is predicted that the after-consequences of such an attack can destroy your IT ecosystem.

In this blog, you will learn on:

.The Meaning of Log4J
. What is the Log4J Vulnerability?
.How can Codea Technologies help?
.How to identify the Log4J Vulnerability?
.What are the ways to prevent arbitrary code execution?

Stay with us as we have designed the perfect Log4J tool to identify and rectify the situation with ease.

The Meaning of Log4J

Log4J essentially has been developed as a logging library wherein complex software has been written, stored, and used across the internet. Most of the time nowadays, such large codes are created by huge IT expert teams in a block format. These blocks are then joined together by various team members to furnish the final product or service.

Log4J is such a type of building block that can be added to the internet IT library, used, joined, and retrieved, by any IT company across the globe over the internet. In short, this is a virtual software library.

With the plethora of workload and base coding needed for various services and games, coders usually fetch the codes stored in the Log4J and add in their newly updated or custom-made codes to match their purpose.

Additionally, IT developers can also log into this library at any point in time and check or track out any issues, or bugs that may arise for their users and fix them remotely. So, practically, if you know your way through this library, you could be accessing and maneuvering the systems or gadgets of any unknown user even without their permission.

Well, this was not to create an issue but to help developers troubleshoot the IT complaints at the earliest from anywhere around the globe.

Here comes the vulnerability too - the infamous Log4J vulnerability. For this, we have understood the critical need for Arbitrary code execution. It will tighten the security system and prevent any sort of hacker access into their target zone.

First, let’s understand why the IT ecosystem has become so vulnerable suddenly. And yes, it can be solved.

What is the Log4J Vulnerability?

The Log4J vulnerability is also termed CVE-2021-44228 and has been classified as the Zero-Day Vulnerability.

Zero-Day Vulnerability indicates that an exploit has been done, and the system or the entire chain of systems connected to a certain block has been made open and accessible.

The problem is that the accessibility is open before even the owners are aware of it. Now, anyone who knows how to hack - can access leaving the personal and critical records and information of the company and its users at high risk.

The truth is - such an error was prevalent in the past, though no one misused it. Today, hackers who are absolute experts in the IT field, have made use of such a vulnerability to their benefit.

What can hackers do with the Log4J vulnerability?

.They can operate the codes from anywhere remotely
.Not a single person at the other end will know that the damage or information leak has been initiated.
.They have access to every piece of data in each block in the software library.
.Not only can they access the company information, but they can access and manipulate the data present within the user’s systems also.
.Hackers can call for a hefty ransom, block or disrupt data, and even add in their own encryptions.

For instance, imagine you are a private user who has purchased a Minecraft game. Now the Minecraft company would be using certain codes that have been formulated by the Microsoft gaming division.

So, if the hacker is able to crack through the Microsoft security system silently via this Log4J vulnerability, they can encrypt, delete, copy and threaten the Minecraft owners and even access your personal gadget too.

This is because an imprint of the codes created by Microsoft is fed into the game which automatically gets stored into your smartphones, laptops, Ipads, etc.

This is why we urge all IT companies to sought speedy solutions for the same.

How can Codea Technologies help?

A trail of thoughts from our IT experts. We have been able to create a feasible and worthwhile tool that can identify the Log4J vulnerability. So, if it is is prevalent in your system, you can identify it, the damage it has caused to various apps, software, and any services, can be spotted and rectified with ease.

How to identify the Log4J Vulnerability?

Most probably, there could be chances that the systems have been compromised. Still, to make sure and evade any further attacks, checks are protection needs to be done. For this, we use a strategic process that includes:
First, do a health check of the entire company website and virtually connected systems.
A detailed list is made for all the software that falls prey to it
A cross-check with the vendors in your list is prepared
We ensure that the web application rules for the firewall are maintained in the proper manner.
The constant scan will be conducted on the entire business IT security and data exchange activity.
Any leakages and exploitation or disrupted data will be picked up, highlighted Immediate remediate action will be initiated by our experts.
Every phase of action will be updated to your Software development team.

What are the ways to prevent arbitrary code execution?

These days a lot of software organizations have formulated web-based systems that can be accessed by users and employees with ease. This, of course, was done to promote uninterrupted service and quick troubleshooting on a remote basis.

This cannot continue anymore and that is where Arbitrary Code Execution

Explaining about ACE- Arbitrary Code Execution

ACE is known as a professional hacker’s ability to crack and invade the company’s IT systems. To get a better idea, it is the ACE is the silent backdoor entry into any software system

Features of the ACE- Arbitrary Code Execution

.This vulnerability is an inbuilt flaw that has been created within software ecosystems.
.When this vulnerability is misused by external attackers, it is termed as an arbitrary code execution exploit the situation.
.Since it can be handled from any corner of the work on remote mode via the internet, this scenario is named remote code execution (RCE).
.The target company system will not be aware when the attacker seeps into the system.
.The attacker or hacker has the ability to write any new code or disrupt existing commands as per his choice.
.With the ACE vulnerability in full swing, the exploiter can steal any user data like p=bank details, passwords, critical legal information, and other security information.
.Once they get a grip of the loopholes, they can plan attacks.

What are the disastrous effects of ACE?

.Attackers attain the capacity to delete or change sensitive data. Sell your data to third parties, thereby putting the target information at stake.
.A simple run with arbitrary codes can help them access the websites, software applications, and even the target’s customer software applications.

How to prevent the ACE vulnerability?

  • Quality Malware: Install good quality malware that can scan through the vulnerability spots in the software. This will help beat out any chances of data disruption at an early stage. Spot the odd activities: Suppose you notice unusual activity within the software ecosystem, delete the unknown sources and actions. Better control Appoint one main admin to handle the software and applications for better control. Patchwork the systems Patch any system, and ensure that the data leakages are stopped in time. Latest Software Updates Upgrade the applications to the latest versions. This will prevent any potential flaws or attacks in the near future. Password Strength Leverage the quality of your passwords, company usernames within the systems. This will enhance the security power of your credentials and give less access to hackers. The stronger the entry points, the fewer chances of hacking. Conclusion The digital age will exist and will continue, but not under the grip of hackers. They have gone out of their way to crack the security systems. If you are feeling your systems are under the weather of the Log4J vulnerability, then we advise you to not prolong the check process. It is safer than staying unaware of the damage that could be created. We are right here to help you at any phase of your virus identification process and even rectification process. It is not necessary that every application get attacked, but it is our duty to stay clear from such technical vulnerabilities. Stay with us as we update you on the latest software updates, technological advancements, and how we have been able to leverage our US-based clients at a notable level.