Blockchain Development

Business model with smart blockchain applications


Handle and share your data securely and efficiently using blockchain technology. At Codea technologies, we provide services and solutions for you to adopt the new information recording system. Our experts ensure that your data is impenetrable and help you handle the system efficiently.

Smart Wallet

Make your digital transactions more secure and efficient with smart wallet. Our professionals can assist you in handling the technology. Hyper ledger-based smart wallet is the best method of storing cryptocurrency, digital coupons, and loyalty card information.

Smart Contracts

Agreements and contracts can be digitized by writing them directly into lines of code. Our professionals can help you with creating irreversible and trackable transactions. You can make trusted transactions using smart contracts, without a regulating central authority.

Digital Identity Manager

Achieve greater control over identity using digital identity management. Whether it is identifying, authenticating, or authorizing access, our team will help you effectively use the technology to your advantage.

Secure Communication

Technical experts in our firm route your communication through the blockchain channel and make it secure. You will never have to worry about your important conversations being tapped.

Private Blockchain

You can have dedicated blockchain technology. We make sure that only you have authority over it and can control who has access to the data.

Supply Chain

Ensure accurate end-to-end monitoring in the supply chain using blockchain technology. Our team helps you track assets from production to shipment by digitizing physical assets and creating a decentralized record of transactions.